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Tenant Move out


Tenant management is one of the major responsibilities that landlords undertake. Right from showing the property to letting the tenants move in, a lot goes behind managing landlording duties. However, even when the rental agreement comes to an end, the work doesn’t stop there. Proper exit formalities, cross checking all aspects and making sure everything is executed properly, the move out process may seem easy to do but has multifold to it.

To help you streamline the exit process of your tenants, the following checklist can help:

Specify move out details in prior

Streamlining move out requires specifying all the necessary details well in advance. From the date of vacating the house to transferring the keys of the house, make sure your tenants know what all formalities are needed while exiting your property. This will also help in reducing your work and make the whole process more sorted.

Organize an apartment walkthrough

Before you let go your tenants make sure to have a proper walkthrough of your apartment. Doing this can help you in deep checking your house for any damages that might have taken place. Ensuring your house is in the same good condition when tenants took over is important for you and your property

Cross check for any pending dues

Since you and your tenants are separating ways, it’s also a good time to check and recheck if any pending dues are left. Reminding them to clear off dues before they leave can help you in not bearing any unnecessary costs. Also to help you with this calculation, make sure you have maintained the records from the very start

Asking for feedback or referring your property

This step can help in boosting your reach to the right audience. Asking your tenants to share their feedback on their social media platforms or refer your rental apartment among friends and family can help in getting new leads and prospective tenants. Don’t forget to maintain a good relationship with your tenants as it can help you with this step a lot

Take help of property management company

A good property management company will help tenants to vacate your property properly. They streamline the whole process and in addition once the tenants leave, they make sure to clean the house and maintain it for further renting out. ORO PropTech is one such property management company you can rely completely

All these factors can help in ensuring that your tenants feel comfortable while exiting without causing any trouble to you. All the above suggestions work as a perfect checklist and hence as a landlord this will help in streamlining the exit formalities. Also taking assistance of property management company is a great idea as it will help you to find your next tenants and get the house maintained and looked after.