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Sell Your Property in Bangalore

Are you moving abroad or relocating to another city?

Do you stay out of Bangalore and have decided to Sell your property in Bangalore?

Are you looking to sell your property in Bangalore but not sure about getting the best price or handling the full sale process? 

ORO can be your trusted and reliable partner. We help you evaluate and analyse the best price for your property without any obligation. With end-to-end assistance, our professional services aim to bridge the gap between information and service standards to make property selling a seamless and transparent experience.

We take pride in being able to take the pains of selling a property – finding out the best price, preparing the documents, marketing to prospective buyers, negotiations, sale deed registrations etc.

Forget about dealing with costly brokers and tricky apps.

Tell us about your property, and we will go beyond just connecting you to potential buyers. We assist you with legal verifications, finding the correct property estimate, registration, paperworks, tax payments, stamp duty, loan closures and much more. We ensure all your requirements are taken care of prior to entering into any legal and financial commitments. You sign the agreements only when you feel satisfied with the rate and buyer.

What we offer is different:

Traditional Way
Find the Right Value Quickly

Our team uses data-driven insights, local broker connects, references from property managers, residents etc to find the best price as per market value quickly.

Misguided rates from online portals or friends 

Most portals have adhoc listings and its difficult to compare the rate of flats though its in same apartment owing to difference in views, interiors, floor height etc. Also many brokers and owners make fake listings to get a sense of the market.


We take care of getting the flat into good condition, all the property showing to prospective buyers, negotiating rates and offers

Endless Hassles

Travelling and showing your property to potential clients can be a big hassle and a waste of time. 

Transparent Process

Our team ensures a transparent transaction procedure so you have a worry-free experience.

Ambiguous Process

Listing property with agents invites ambiguity in property selling procedures. Specifically, not getting the correct value as promised.

Handle All Repairs & Fixes

Our team handles all repairs for you to ensure the property is in attractive and sellable condition, thus providing best offers from potential buyers.

Time and energy wastage in repairs and fixes

Instead of selling, you get busy repairing your property, looking for electricians, carpenters, etc.

No Obligations

We never ask you to settle for less. You’re free to say no if the property value estimate or buyer doesn’t suit your requirements. 

False Commitments

Fake buyers can enter into sale agreements without intent to buy or spurious agents may block the house by quoting high price or pressuring you into selling at low price.

Regular Updates

We update you regularly on the latest real estate trends with better data and their effect on your property’s market value. Also keep you informed about various buyer visits, offers received, any issues raised by the buyer etc.

No Updates

Hardly give updates to sellers about the potential clients, changing trends and latest developments in the property sector.

We Help You Choose The Right Buyer at the Best Value

The ORO Prop Tech expert team comes with longstanding experience in the real estate industry, giving you the edge on selling your property. Our team simplifies the otherwise tedious process – finding buyers, understanding the paper work, finding the right market value and much more – and enables you to make informed choices. We also ensure we profile the potential buyers and bring only the best paying customer to you. 

Our services include:

  • Analyzing your property and its condition.
  • Evaluating property value as per market trends.
  • Marketing the property aggressively across various online and offline channels.
  • Finding suitable property buyers.
  • Negotiating and finalising the property.
  • Sale Agreements preparation and signing.
  • Managing all the paperwork related to Power of Attorney, stamp duty payments, registration, sale deed etc.
  • Executing necessary repairs.
  • With our no-obligation policy, we offer complete freedom to you. If you agree with the terms, you can choose to sell your property; or not.

Why Choose us for selling property in Bangalore?

Oro Prop Tech is a tech-enabled real estate management company offering one-stop solutions for all owner, buyer, seller, and tenant needs. With decades of experience, we help you analyze property value with accurate data and regular insights, so you sell your property at your price quickly and seamlessly. Our trained professional team has helped many property owners in Bangalore find the right buyer for their assets. We can do the same for you. Get in touch, and let us figure out the best solution for your property.


Improving the overall look and feel of your home and adding amenities to your home can considerably increase the value of your home. Also, things like a modular kitchen, water tanks and other upgrades can help you get more value for your property.

It takes around 60-90 days but this heavily depends on the market situation and other factors which might or might not be under the control of the agency or any agent.

The seller pays for the realtor fees and bares the expenses. Please refer our Sign-up page for charges of ORO.

A list price, often known as the seller’s “asking price,” is the amount the residence is listed for. The home’s real selling price is the sale price.

  • ORO doesnot directly take up Power of Attorney to represent the seller and also POA can only be issued to certain close relatives as per law.
  • However ORO helps you in executing a power of attorney in favour of your authorised representative.
  • Here is a laundry list of documents that are needed for property sale
  • Sale Deed
  • Building plan
  • Encumbrane certificate
  • Completion certificate
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Tax receipts and utility bills
  • NOC
  • Succession certificate (incase of an inherited property)
  • Khata certificate
  • Bank approvals on outstanding loans

ORO Prop Tech can help you manage all of these documents and find the right buyer for your property.

Property sale Long Term Captial Gain (LTCG) tax if you own the property for more than 24 months or Short Term Captial Gain (STCG) if the property is owned for short term.

Yes you can sell property in India from abroad and do not have to come down. Digital empowerment in India has made that possible and ORO Prop Tech can help you sell your property for the best price.