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Khatha to Sell property

Do I need E Khatha to sell my property in Bangalore?

While khatha (Katha) is a necessary document to sell property in Bangalore, many Home owners, buyers and sellers are confused about which which khatha (katha) is needed and how to get one.

To put precisely, for the moment (as of date of writing this article) most gated society Apartments falling under BBMP limits have either an A Khatha or a B Khatha which is handwritten by the BBMP officer and issued manually.

There is no E khatha or electronic khatha which is generated online.

While strangely most apartments or gated communities falling under BMRDA or rural limits, just outside bangalore like Sarjapur Road, Anekal, Electronic City get an E Khatha or electronically issued khatha.

The following are the practical aspects.

What is Khatha?

Khatha is a legal document issued in Bangalore that identifies a property and its owner. BBMP maintains a record of ownership of various properties through this Khatha entry in their books. There are two types of Khatha certificates: A Khatha and B Khatha.

A Khatha is issued for properties that have obtained all necessary approvals and are legally constructed, indicating compliance with regulations.

B Khatha is given to properties lacking approvals or not meeting regulatory criteria, often considered unauthorized or illegal constructions.

While many owners intuitively feel A khatha is better than B Khatha as it adhered to all norms., ground realities are not so simple and straightforward. Though Many apartments are built as per Norms and obtain A Khatha, in recent times we have noticed that this apartment was built on a storm water drain (SWD) or a Nala or Raja Kaluve and hence this apartment can be issued notice by BBMP and razed down while a property having B khatha but built on clean land has no such notices from BBMP.

A buyer / seller needs to engage a professional property manager / consultant or real estate agent like ORO Proptech who can fully investigate the ground reality of the specific property that one is dealing with and give professional advice.

ORO Proptech also helps customers to obtain Khatha for their property or verify the khatha of a property issued by a seller.